Thursday, December 28, 2017

Another New Year's Resolution

Around this time of the year many
of us become very excited. It's a
brand New Year and the stars are
in alignment for us to become wildly

Well, at least that's what the local
psychic said. The psychic was also
nice enough to take off our hands
the fifty dollar bill we had stashed
away in return for us putting our
faith in the  crystal ball she bought
at the dollar store.

So, after consulting the psychic, we
read our horoscope which informed
us that an astute person would soon
separate us from our hard earned
money, however that this New Year
we would become rich beyond our
wildest dreams.

Armed with such knowledge we
embark on a major spending spree.
lavish dinning, champagne, a trip to
Vegas with some special friends,
nothing is too good for a future
millionaire, right?

So on New Year's Eve, we kiss the
honey bunny at midnight for good
luck, eat our twelve grapes, and wolf
down an extra helping of black eyed
peas for good measure.

When the clock strikes twelve our
hearts soar like New Year's Eve
fireworks. After this we wait, and
wait, and wait. Suddenly three months
have passed and this New Year starts
to look a lot like last year. Just what
went wrong.

The truth is, that most people who
achieve wonderful things each New
Year is because they make plans to
get what they desire. These people
also take action on making their plans
a reality. Finally, these people never
give up, and they keep on trying until
they reach their goals.

So, don't be surprised if you happen to
pass by some nice restaurant and see
a psychic enjoying a nice steak dinner.
You see, they saw that steak dinner
coming the minute you walked
through the door!

Frank Solis Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Little Tony and the Gift of Knowledge

Little Tony watched sadly as a grown
man dug through a garbage can. The
man eventually found a half empty
soda and started drinking it.

Down the street a young Chicano
Couple eyes wide from drugs sat
huddled together whispering  and
scheming, as Tony walked by deep
in thought.

He had watched his mom rubbing her
aching feet each night from her job at
the motel. He knew he wanted to help
her and make this a good Christmas
but he didn’t know how.

As he passed by a store he ran into one
of the school counselors. “Tony, how
are you,” asked Paul. “I’m okay, I guess
just trying to figure out what career to
choose when I graduate.”

“Hey, I can help you with that. Just 
come by my office anytime and we can 
go over all the career choices you can 
make.”“Cool, said Tony, and thanks 
Paul for letting me  know.”

First thing Monday, Tony dropped by
Paul’s office, “Hi Tony, great to see you,
the first thing we have to determine is
where your interests and talents lie.
For that, we shall have you take some
career assessment tests.”

Tony, took the tests and waited until
Paul came back with the results. “Well
Tony, it looks like you have a strong
aptitude for all things mechanical. ,
have you ever thought about being
an engineer or maybe an auto

“Yea,” replied Tony, “I love lowriders
and classic cars.” “Tony, the college
down the street has a great automotive
program, I am going to send you there
to meet with the program director,

Tony couldn’t believe it, here he was
so close to Christmas and hopefully
soon he might have some good news
for his mom.  A few days later after
meeting with the schools automotive
director he was told he could enroll
there as soon as he finished up his 
senior year.

Later that day when he got home his
mom was already home. “Tony, is that
you mijo?” “Yes mom and I have some
news for you.” Oh no, don’t’ tell me
you got the grocers daughter pregnant?” 
No, mom it’s nothing like that.”

“I applied to the automotive program
at the college and got accepted.” “Oh,
mijo, that’s wonderful!” replied his mom.
“It’s only a two year program and after
 that I’ll have a real great job. Then
maybe someday I can even open up 
our own auto repair shop and you 
won’t have to work anymore.

 Tony’s mom, was weeping now.
“Tony, you don’t know how many
nights I’ve stayed up worried about
you, but now I don’t have to worry
anymore. Now, mijo the only thing
I have to worry about is how to keep
that cute cachetona at the grocery
store from trapping you!”

They both laughed, and hugged each
other. “You know mom, the
 knowledge that I have gained in
school has been the best Christmas
gift of all and I owe it all to you and
to a little baby born in Bethlehem.

Note: Knowledge is power, and it
comes only through learning and 
education.Education, takes many
forms from books, to on the job 
training to trade schools and also
colleges and universities.

Merry Christmas 2017 to all!

Copyright 2017 Frank Solis
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Streets of Blood 3

Sirens wail, as two young Chicano's
lay still upon the cold hard pavement.
“Did anyone see who shot them?”
Asked a policeman of the slowly
gathering crowd.

But nobody knew or saw anything.
Many parents were silently thankful
It wasn’t there kids. The sound of
blood gurgling came from one of the
young men.

“Help him,” screamed a woman who
stood nearby as the paramedics arrived
and worked hard to stabilize them.
Working feverishly they loaded them
upon the ambulance.

Outside the ambulance friends,
and relatives gathered, and a little
girl was holding her teddy bear, as she
took in the scene while her mother
and sisters cried tears of desperation.

The police asked the one who was
conscious what had happened and
were met with the usual silence of
barrio streets machismo.

The little girl holding the teddy bear
Asked, “What happened to daddy?”
as the ambulance rolled away lights
still flashing they pull into the hospital.

Days later, flowers are laid upon the
grave of one of the young men, as
prayers are said over another life
wasted over senseless and stupid

Now besides a grave, a little girl 
clutches the teddy bear her father 
had just given her. It was to become 
her only memory.

Senseless violence and machismo
does not rep La Raza. It only destroys
the hopes and dreams of those we
love the most!

 Copyright 2017 Frank Solis
All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What is life really about?

Brilliant minds lost in the vortex of their
sadness. It strikes me every day as I see
more and more young Chicano's trying to 
figure out what life is really about.

I see eyes searching but never seeing,
ears intent on listening but hardly anyone
speaks to them. Millions of young brown
faces eager to learn yet so few teachers 
are found.

Young people, life is about happiness
and enjoying oneself and the most
important thing is the love you share with 
your loved ones. It’s about seeing the smile 
on a quinceañeras face and watching a baby
chewing on its hand.

It’s about seeing the smile on that special
persons face when you tell them you just
got a job and watching them beam with
pride when you get your first paycheck.

Life is about many such wonderful and
precious things such as good friends,
respect, love, and honor.

Life can be whatever you choose for it
to be. Just as keys are used to turn locks
so the choices you make in life are the 
keys to the happiness you seek.

Take a look at the alcoholic, drowning
in his self-made misery or the drug
addict who will steal from his own
mother if given half the chance.

The person who engages in unsafe sex
until they find out they have picked up
an incurable disease. And finally the
tough guy who followed “the wrong
crowd without thinking,” and now
spends all his time locked up away 
from his loved ones.

That is not life, it is death! Those who
want to achieve all the wonderful things
of life have to turn their backs on all the
“fake pleasures and fake people,” who
only seek to destroy ones happiness in

If you take a look at the “real locos and
locas on the streets,” you will find that
just as fire can burn the flesh, uncontrolled
bad habits and bad choices can only destroy 
ones happiness!