Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Tears of La Raza

A lovely woman was crying by a stream and her
tears were falling like rain. As I looked into the
stream I saw that it was turning into blood.
“Why are you crying I asked?”

“My children have lost their way. Once upon
a time, among my people there was respect
and our people protected the elderly, the women
and children.”

“Now the elderly are forgotten and left behind
as they are placed in nursing homes. Women
have to support grown men who are too lazy
to work, then lose themselves in the fictional
romantic world of novelas to fill their emptiness.”

“Teenagers have too much time on their hands
and little guidance as they are growing in a much
too real and uncaring world. Many turn to fads
and fall for the insidious lies, found in drinking
alcohol, or doing illegal drugs and  having
unprotected sex at an early age.”

“Only to find their selves addicted, sick, and lost.
Slaves, to fat cats who call the shots and benefit
from their pain. While, somewhere an innocent
child sits at home watching TV as a bullet sent by
a heartless person erases her precious smile from
the world!”

“Now, you see why I cry,” the lady replied.
“My tears, are the tears of La Raza. Because
Many are trading the gold of their heritage
for cheap trinkets, fake pleasures and foolish lies!

“Knowledge, is no longer welcome by my people
while silliness and foolishness are taken as truth
by those who want a quick fix to everything in life.”

“Tell my people, that Kings and Queens, rule by
power. And power comes only from knowledge
through learning. Tell them that my tears will fall
until they stop filling up the streams of life in the
world with their own blood!”

 After I had listened carefully, I walked away as the
lady said a prayer in in Spanish. A prayer for her children
to return to the light and to the source of all true power
in the world where wisdom, respect and honor dwell
among knowledge and learning, and where the streams
do not flow red with the blood of, La Raza!

Frank Solis Copyright 2016
All Rights Reserved

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