Monday, October 31, 2016

A Message for Young Mexican Americans

The careless driver breaks all the rules
until he or she kills someone and then
not only have they ruined someone else's
life but their own as well.

Same with the one who texts while driving,
the alcoholic, the drug addict, the murderer,
etc. There is one trait that these people all

It is called "self-imposed ignorance." You
see, knowledge, information, and learning
are all around them, yet they choose to
ignore the very best things life has to offer.

Sadly, they also set themselves up in their
minds as being the most important people
on earth! Yet, when they get themselves in
trouble, all of a sudden they are seen begging
and crying out for help.

Young people, avoid these types of people if
you want to achieve success and happiness in
life. Look up to and follow people who are
successful, and you will find success.

Find role models that you wish to be like and
then, make yourself as successful as them!
Why? Because success and happiness depend
entirely upon what you choose to do with your

"Do Not Listen to Self-Destructive People!"

Frank Solis Copyright 2016
All Rights Reserved

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