Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Chicano Poet

Poetry is the essence that flows through
the Spanish and Aztec blood. The Spirit
of Kings, Queens, Warriors, Princes,
and Princesses.

The early morning sunlight, and the
darkness of the night. The grito of the
Indio, and the smile of the Maiden.

The purest expression of the soul of La
Raza. The stealth of the Jaguar, and the
most beautiful song upon the Earth.

The sound of the Metate, grinding corn,
and the precious hands, that grind it. The
hearts of two lovers, beating in unison,
amidst whispers of love.

The laughter, among friends and the
warmth of family. The tears that fall to
earth unnoticed, and the broken
heart, that cries alone.

The Madre who hopes, the Daughter
who dreams. The Man who works, and
the Son, who yearns.

The Chicano poet is an interpreter of
dreams, whether they are of cultural,
social, or romantic, means.

A voice raised alone, between sound and
silence. Beyond light and darkness, comes
the herald, for The Children of the Sun!

Frank Solis
Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

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