Saturday, February 1, 2014

La Raza Is My Name

Some call me Mestizo, some call me
Mexican, some call me Chicano, but
I’m much more than that!

In me flows the blood of kings of Spain,
who conquered the Americas they did not
die in vain. Also the blood of warriors the
Aztecs and the flame, remind me of my
ancestry, La Raza Is My Name.

Time bears no measure of eternity, when
everywhere I look, I see visions in my
dreams. The courage of a people
conceived among the stars, serves only
to remind me of just who we are.

My blood is like fire and I am the flame,
thunder and lightning are part of my fame.
Throughout the universe into the darkness
of space, burns my sacred fire, La Raza Is
My Name.

The moon is in my eyes, and the sun is my
crown. Great passion is the power where I
can be found. Romance is my scepter and
loving is my game, now and forever will
always be the same.

Shouting, out to Cali, and New Mexico.
Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Utah.
From Nevada to Chicago, and all points
in between, La Raza Is My Name!

Copyright 2015
Frank Solis All Rights Reserved

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