Monday, December 8, 2014

What is Chicano Poetry?

Chicano poetry is feeling the pulse of the
earth beneath ones feet, as it soars up past
the Milky Way and other galaxies. It does
not exist in a cookie cutter cupboard
environment full of constricting negative
stereotypes as some would deem it only
worthy of.

It is not limited by time, space, or
the ambiguous narrow minded bias
of those who would love to keep it in a
place somewhere between the tortillas,
pan dulce and the tamale husks.
No, it is a living, breathing, force, which
lives within the minds, hearts and souls
of the children of the sun.

Like a raging fire glowing, the words its
poets speak illuminate the darkness of
the human condition. It is the pain the
people feel, and also their hidden tears.
It is also joy, and limitless freedom of
choice, for those who listen to its voice
within the silence.

Like the water which feeds parched ground
Chicano poetry, is not one little stream that
runs underground unseen, but a mighty river
of the soul, like the Rio Grande which pours out
into the sea, and feeds the ocean of the mind.

Chicano poetry is poetry written by Chicanos
for the entire world to hear. It can be about
anything and everything. It is the spirit of
Chicanos everywhere, written in blood within
the beauty of the human soul!

Frank Solis
Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

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