Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chicano Pride

Chicano Pride is first of all about
honor and respect for oneself, for 
ones loved ones, and for others.

It is not about hurting innocent
people, it is about protecting them,
from all the crazy fools in the world.

It’s about being cool, and living up
to ones expectations in life, and seeing
the smiles of our loved ones, instead
of bringing tears to their eyes.

It’s about being a man in the world, and
having that special feeling it brings out
deep inside.

It’s about a woman standing up for her
rights, and self-respect, while seeking the
very best that life has to offer her.

It’s about our children shining like stars
in the night, through the power of education.
Chicano pride is about love and being
loved, without all the lies.

Chicano pride is about realizing where
you came from, and where you are going.
About the power of two mighty empires
flowing within your veins.

Chicano pride is about having the courage
and honor to embrace your true destiny,
which is taking up the scepter of knowledge,
which is the true source of all power in the 

Copyright 2014 Frank Solis
All Rights Reserved

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