Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soy Puro Chicano!

Being a Chicano is really cool.
I don’t need to spend a ton of
feria on tanning products, because
my skin is already golden brown.

I speak three, languages, English,
Spanish, and Spanglish. I also enjoy
the best food in the world, all hot,
spicy, and delicious.

Our women are out of this world,
beautiful, poised, and magnificent.
Our men are strong, proud, and full
of courage.

My heart is full of honor, and respect.
Locos and fools, avoid me because they
know that to mess with me, is to mess
with death.

My heart is full of dreams, love, happiness,
and success. I am brave and defiant and
will not let the past hold me down.

I will spread my wings like an eagle, and
soar high above the pyramids of life. Until
the stars become mine, and they become a
golden crown for my beloved.

If along the way, someone should ask me,
why I set the bar so high? I will proudly 
say – Porque, Soy Puro Chicano!

Frank Solis Copyright 2014
All Rights Reserved

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